Anatomy of a Thank You Note

Thank You Notes are probably the type of notes we write the most. They're not only nice notes to write but sometimes, they're socially required.

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Anatomy of a Thank You Note

So what makes a good Thank You Note?

First, don't be intimidated, you are thanking someone and that's always well received. Second, it's easy to write a thank you note because the format is usually the same every time.

Here's a breakdown:

1. The Date

September 23, 2007

Most people will like to keep your thank you note and it's always nice to be able to look back and see when the note was written.

2. The Salutation

Dear (person's name),

You can always use "Dear" as a salutation, it's the most popular but consider using others like "Hello" for a more casual note or "Dearest" for a loved one. Don't forget to use a comma after their name.

3. The Body

This is the content of your thank you note. Thank your recipient as genuinely as you can. If you're thanking someone for a gift, mention it in your note. It's extra nice if you mention how you're planning to use their gift. Try to add a little something extra like "Hope your mom is doing well" or "Let's get together soon".

4. The Closing


If you're not sure what's appropriate for you note, "Sincerely" or "Sincerely Yours" are classic choices. Other good choices are "Warmly", "Love", "Affectionately" or "Best Regards" for a business or more formal thank you. Write what sounds most genuine to you.

5. The Signature

Usually your first name for more personal notes and first and last for social or business notes. Make sure to always hand write your signature and make sure it's legible. If it's not legible, you might consider using personalized stationery and eliminate that problem altogether!


  • Think about the stationery you're using for your note. Your choices say a lot about you so choose nice paper and print neatly.
  • Really think about the moment you opened your gift, that'll help your words flow.
  • Add a compliment like "You have such great taste". People always like to be complimented.
  • Keep your note short, to a paragraph or two, it's a note not a letter.

Remember that while there are guides to writing a thank you note, a note that comes from the heart is always a good one. So just jump in there and write your note, your recipient will be so glad you did!

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