Life Lately

There's so much going on at home right now. There's something big happening which I will most likely announce next week. For some reason, even though I've had a lot of new projects I have found lots of time to work and to be with the boys and I'm so grateful for that. Here are some glimpses into our daily routine...

My desk lately, this is the prettiest part, the rest is a mess.


 A pensive, little boy and a mischievous, little boy.


Printed out some lovely bridesmaids cards.


Our daily playing and wrestling matches. The game here is actually called "head caught" by John Patrick and I'm assuming you can tell you have to catch the other's head. :)


Finally finished printing this year's calendars! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish. More on this soon!


This is my packaging assistant, making sure the stickers on the packages are JUST right!


Some photos by a budding photographer named John Patrick.


Finally, just printed some samples of the personalized holiday cards I'm offering this season! And yes, that's my family at the top! :)

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