I took an amazing course on blogging by April Bowles-Olin not too long ago and got incredibly excited about blogging again. That lasted about a week, maybe two and then I got weighed down with the immense amount of work I usually have to do. I'm a mother of two little boys under 5 and I work at home. Saying it's not easy is an understatement. So it's not a lack of desire to update my blog, so much as a lack of time.

For some reason however, I just don't want to give it up.

I like my blog because I love sharing. I love going behind the scenes of the people whose work I admire and so I share my own behind the scenes moments in case anyone out there is interested in what I'm doing too. It's something that fascinates me and that makes me feel like someone is with me while I work as I take photos to share.

My website is getting a major overhaul. Yes, I design and program websites too and I decided I wanted a serious shopping cart behind my site now. This is my year and in order for things to continue to get big, I have to think big and take big risks. With that change, came the daunting task of moving my blog to a subdomain and hooking everything back up. It's not that hard but it's incredibly boring.

I've always wanted to incorporate my blog into my main site and since I had started my blog before and really liked the design I just never made the switch, no matter how many courses say you should always put your blog on your site. Sometimes, being so busy makes you lazy.

Well today, that changes, today, I'm being kind to myself and I'm starting my blog FRESH.

I'm excited to see how this journey will go. I'm scared that I'll fall into old habits and let the mountain of work I usually have keep me from planning out my posts and offering up content that I do have. I'm also scared that no one will read it, but I can't control that and I think I'm ok with that now.

So if you're out there listening, thank you, I appreciate you. If you've followed me over here from my other blog, WELCOME back, you're amazing and your being here means the world to me.

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